Custom mold for inventor-How can we help inventor to make mold and molding

For Inventor(new idea developers, new idea designers…) who wants to know all working custom mold process info. from Intertech…XD???…$$$

Inventor: Hei, I have a great business idea!!!
Intertech: Yes,tell me……!

Inventor: How to proceed to make a custom mold true???
Intertech: Well, need to carry out 2D/3D, CAD first
Inventor: How much will this CAD cost me?
Intertech: Ok, let’s quote to you…!!

Inventor: Then, how to proceed next step…??
Intertech: you need to make a new custom mold!!
Inventor: How much will this custom mold cost me…??
Intertech: Ok, we will quote you…!!

Inventor: I need to produce the parts from the custom mold, how much is the unit cost?
Intertech: well, let me caculate the cost for you…!!

Inventor: Also, may I know the lead time of making CAD, custom mold and parts?
Intertech: let’s give you all the timing report!!



Purchase Notes

Purchase Notes


Pipe Fitting Mold

Our Professionals:

  1. Making interchangeable cores mold : a most effective and cost-saving manufacturing process. Suitable for customers looking for “more variety but less quantity”solution. With only one mold, it can efficiently generate different kinds of products.


  1. Making high transparent PC, Acrylic, PMMA, PET.. parts mold with high gloss polishing and Mold-Tech texture on parts surface, applied mostly in lighting parts, outdoor LED parts projects.


  1. Making gas assisted injection molds and products projects …mostly applied in projects like the thick handles, monitors, the frame of TV cabinet etc, which prevents the shrinkage mark, improves the strength of the parts and saves material costs.


  1.  Medical silicone and rubber molds/products making : We manage both “solid” and “liquid”silicone rubber material meeting the standard of RoHS, FDA and REACH,  and can be applied like skincare parts,medical earplugs, nipple pacifier, check valve, diving mask.


  1. Besidesmolds, do you generate products as well?


   Yes, we can make your projects here in our factory, Taiwan for you. But weonly make it from making a new mold…then, from above new mold, makingparts out of it. We make the production job for our customers in Taiwan.In other words, we do not have any existing mold. In short, we producedcustomized molds and products but we also provide our customers reverseengineering service.


  1. How canI get the quote?


   First,we need our customers provide their technical data like 2D, 3D drawings orsamples. After receiving your project, our experienced and professional teamwill start to study and evaluate it. During this time, our team will keepdiscussing with the designers to make sure that every details are clear.Finally, we will give our customers quotation reports.


  1. Doesyour company provide design service?


   Absolutely yes. We have helped countless customers from Europe and NorthAmerican to invent their new products. Our experienced engineers give ourcustomers useful suggestion to help them solve the problems that they encounterwhen designing and process the molds and products.


  1. Why isyour price so competitive?


   Firstof all, what we are famous for is that we produce interchangeable core mold,which needs not only precision work but also flexible team work to adjust towhat our clients really want. Also, all of our steel is from Japan and Germanyand all processing steps are carried in Taiwan under the supervision of ourprofessional engineers. We appreciate that all of our customers emphasized onquality and efficiency and that’s why our company wants provide too.


To know us more pleasecontact us with your ideas / projects / drawings, so that we can start ourstudying / engineering job…


To know us more,please visit;


Main Export Market

Belgium ,Canada ,Denmark ,Europe ,Finland ,France ,Germany ,Greece ,Iceland ,Ireland ,Italy ,Netherlands ,North America ,Norway ,Oceania ,Other ,Poland ,Portugal ,Russian Federation ,Spain ,Sweden ,Switzerland ,Ukraine ,United Kingdom ,United States of America

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Sets

Intertech Machinery Inc. (Spanish)



產品線公司涉及範圍廣泛的塑料模具,注塑塑料模具矽橡膠,液體橡膠模具和矩陣矽金屬沖壓。該公司還專門製作底切/旋松的模具/模提取芯/亮拋光模具PMMA / PC /可互換芯模具/模熱/注塑模具兩種成分/導頻模具壓縮模具。

InterTech的是非常專業的模具製造和工程成型POM,工程部件Nailon + FG /授權PC的醫療產品,嬰兒LSR /設備的LED照明PC,PMMA /汽車零部件LSR,符合RoHS /奶嘴ABS,PP /電子ABS,PP /家電PP,PE,ABS /容器蓋,封閉件,容器PP,PE / PVC管件,PP等









Europe-Nertherland – silicone ear plugs mold and molding

. For one product designer and industrial designer company in Nertherland,

Intertech makes good silicone ear plugs prototype tool, prototype ear plugs sample, mass production mold & ear plugs product for their big customer in Europe since 2003 till now.

. Intertech’s competence :

Intertech is a very good working partner for those product designers who is developing new products. In this example, designer has to pay attention to the parts size accuracy and test the perfect product function, therefore, Intertech gives them very good technical support in making silicone ear plug proto tools, prototype, mold design, compression mold making and product mass production in Taiwan.


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Intertech Machinery Inc.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-an Rd., Hsin-Chung City, 242, Taipei County, Taiwan.

Tel: 886.2.2833.4646 Fax: 886.2.2833.4700

Europe-Sweden- floor drain mold, connector mold and accessory mold

Title: In 2010, SUR AB, a leading sanitary ware products manufacturer in Sweden, Scandinavia, came to us for making floor drain mold, connector mold and accessory mold.

SUR AB is a leading sanitary ware products manufacturing in Sweden, Scandinavia, North Europe.  Due to they have many series models with different sizes and with different outlet connected design in each models for one kind of floor drain group product, for not to spend too much money on making so many molds for each final output item, their product development engineer asked us to make only one mold, but possibly producing hundreds of final size products by changing mold inserts.

We accepted this mission by designing the interchangeable core molds for them. We selected harden mold steel for them for increasing the strength and the life time of mold.  Our good mold design made this mold can be replaced with different inserts on molding machine (mold without unloading) with very fast time.  Also, our excellent mold design made them need only simple maintenance job with always smooth production till today.

They spent only one set mold cost from us, we make one full set of mold, plus 32 interchangeable cores, they now can produce more than hundred of different size of series models product.  This is really our big added value for customer !

Welcome those product development engineers who needs to build up only one mold but with many interchangeable inserts in mold to generate various low

quantity of different series / size of end model products come to us for giving you our best mold quotation report and satisfied high quality mold making job in Taiwan, our factory !


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Intertech Machinery Inc.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-an Rd., Hsin-Chung City, 242, Taipei County, Taiwan.

Tel: 886.2.2833.4646 Fax: 886.2.2833.4700

Sealing ring rubber mould maker

*4 cavity hot sealing ring compression mold – after compressing, molded rubber parts (Step 3)

* with S50C mold steel, multi-layer mold plates.

* cheap sealing ring mold in mold cost, but cycle time could be very long, up to your sealing ring mold product design and weight.

* Please send your sealing ring mold project with detailed 2D, 3D, photos, samples, we will send our evaluation report.


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Intertech Machinery Inc.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-an Rd., Hsin-Chung City, 242, Taipei County, Taiwan.

Tel: 886.2.2833.4646 Fax: 886.2.2833.4700

Bicycle handle silicone rubber mold factory

*Bicycle rubber handle mold steel: P20 or S50C, Japan and German imports steel

*Bicycle rubber handle mold mould type: multi-cavity compression mold

*Bicycle rubber handle mold material: Rubber

*Bicycle rubber handle mold mould production: high temperature, high pressure

*Runner trim: available


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Intertech Machinery Inc.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-an Rd., Hsin-Chung City, 242, Taipei County, Taiwan.

Tel: 886.2.2833.4646 Fax: 886.2.2833.4700