Annually marking the first weekend of summer, the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival brings together North America’s premier dragon boating regatta and an epic lineup of free concerts!

Kicking things off on a stacked Thursday night are The Sheepdogs, Said The Whale and The Elwins. Friday, in what’s sure to be a fantastic evening, are Dear Rouge, The Zolas and Kalle Mattson. Continuing the festivities on Saturday are the spectacular Half Moon Run, Darcys, Kasador, and Twin Flames. Artistic Director Antony Cooper says “The Festival has a tradition of presenting an incredible line up of Canada’s best talent and this years line up does exactly that. From start to finish you race, you rock!”

Thursday, June 22 Friday, June 23 Saturday, June 24
9:30 The Sheepdogs 9:45 Dear Rouge 9:30 Half Moon Run
8:00 Said The Whale 8:15 The Zolas 8:00 Darcys
6:30 The Elwins 6:30 Kalle Mattson 6:30 Kasador
5:00 Twin Flames


The Tuen Ng or Duanwu Festival, also often known, especially in the West, as the Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. It is also known as Zhongxiao Festival (Chinese: 忠孝節; pinyin: Zhōngxiàojié), commemorating fealty and filial piety. The festival now occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar, which is the source of the festival’s alternative name, the Double Fifth Festival.

We can make plastic parts or silicone parts what about Dragon Boat Festival. If you need mold and molding, welcome to contact us !





ب ب، ،ب بن ن، ،ب بة ةن ن، ،ب بة ةن نن ن، ،ب بسّ ّمعدنية ة(Arabic)



وتعككةةةةةةييععببوتتقيددممللالموددالخةةييععببالمكوةةننككوالنايلون/ببالطبية/بباألطفال/تتةةبالليدLED /ععتتالبالستيكية/االلكترونيات/ةةالمنزلية/ةةففوالحاويات/تبباألنابيب…خ خ


ددتتببةةااةةواسعاااةةةةىىالمصنننييمختففتتييللنن,,, ,,,ه,المااا,ةةالمت,تتالمت,بب,سوري,,, ,,,ن نةةىىققاخرى。ااأةةييررموردا“عالميا”مسجةةييممييممالبيانات。

Custom mold for the plant manager-Plant Manager needs new mold project quote

For the Plant manager, engineering manager & design engineer who needs to know the custom mold quotation for their new project or for their replacement custom mold… from Intertech……XD…???…$$$

Plant Manager: We need new custom mold project quote and the replacement mold quote… can you help??
Intertech: Sure…, our pleasure!!

Plant Manager: How much is such custom mold??
Intertech: Ok, send me your 2D/3D, we will send quote immediately!!

Plant Manager: How long you make such custom mold??
Intertech: Ok, let’s send you timing report…!!


Custom mold for the Industrial designer – We can help industrial designer to design a new mold

For the Industrial designer who alresdy has parts 2D, 3D, they need to know the price for making the custom mold and the parts from Intertech…XD…???…$$$

Industrial designer: I have parts 2D, 3D, how to proceed this??
Intertech: Ok, let me…see!!

Intertech:  You need to make the custom mold first…!
Industrial designer: Ok, how much is the custom mold?
Intertech:Ok, let’s send you custom mold cost!

​Industrial designer: How much is the parts unit price?
Intertech: This is up to your plastic material selected and the quantity required…, tell me your need…!!

​Industrial designer: I need to know the timing for all works?
Intertech: Ok, let’s send you all timing report!!


Custom mold for Investor-OEM mold service to Investor

For Investor who sees a great idea to improve the exisiting product for its function or appearance, but who has no parts drawing, he cames to Intertecg for asking help……

Investor: If this can be made out, it will make big sell, but I have sketch and sample only without parts 2D/3D, can you help me…?
Intertech: Ok, let me …see !!

Intertech: First, you need to make reverse-engineering to build up the parts size…!!
Investor: Ok, tell me… how much will this custom mold cost me?
Intertech: Well, let’s quote to you…!!

Intertech: Then, you need to make a new mcustom mold…
Investor: Well, how much will that cost me?
Intertech: Ok, we will send our quote to you!

Intertech: Then, you need produce the parts out of the new custom mold, tell me the material and quantity you require, we will quote to you…!!!
Investor: Ok, that’s great!


Custom mold for inventor-How can we help inventor to make mold and molding

For Inventor(new idea developers, new idea designers…) who wants to know all working custom mold process info. from Intertech…XD???…$$$

Inventor: Hei, I have a great business idea!!!
Intertech: Yes,tell me……!

Inventor: How to proceed to make a custom mold true???
Intertech: Well, need to carry out 2D/3D, CAD first
Inventor: How much will this CAD cost me?
Intertech: Ok, let’s quote to you…!!

Inventor: Then, how to proceed next step…??
Intertech: you need to make a new custom mold!!
Inventor: How much will this custom mold cost me…??
Intertech: Ok, we will quote you…!!

Inventor: I need to produce the parts from the custom mold, how much is the unit cost?
Intertech: well, let me caculate the cost for you…!!

Inventor: Also, may I know the lead time of making CAD, custom mold and parts?
Intertech: let’s give you all the timing report!!


Purchase Notes

Purchase Notes


Pipe Fitting Mold

Our Professionals:

  1. Making interchangeable cores mold : a most effective and cost-saving manufacturing process. Suitable for customers looking for “more variety but less quantity”solution. With only one mold, it can efficiently generate different kinds of products.


  1. Making high transparent PC, Acrylic, PMMA, PET.. parts mold with high gloss polishing and Mold-Tech texture on parts surface, applied mostly in lighting parts, outdoor LED parts projects.


  1. Making gas assisted injection molds and products projects …mostly applied in projects like the thick handles, monitors, the frame of TV cabinet etc, which prevents the shrinkage mark, improves the strength of the parts and saves material costs.


  1.  Medical silicone and rubber molds/products making : We manage both “solid” and “liquid”silicone rubber material meeting the standard of RoHS, FDA and REACH,  and can be applied like skincare parts,medical earplugs, nipple pacifier, check valve, diving mask.


  1. Besidesmolds, do you generate products as well?


   Yes, we can make your projects here in our factory, Taiwan for you. But weonly make it from making a new mold…then, from above new mold, makingparts out of it. We make the production job for our customers in Taiwan.In other words, we do not have any existing mold. In short, we producedcustomized molds and products but we also provide our customers reverseengineering service.


  1. How canI get the quote?


   First,we need our customers provide their technical data like 2D, 3D drawings orsamples. After receiving your project, our experienced and professional teamwill start to study and evaluate it. During this time, our team will keepdiscussing with the designers to make sure that every details are clear.Finally, we will give our customers quotation reports.


  1. Doesyour company provide design service?


   Absolutely yes. We have helped countless customers from Europe and NorthAmerican to invent their new products. Our experienced engineers give ourcustomers useful suggestion to help them solve the problems that they encounterwhen designing and process the molds and products.


  1. Why isyour price so competitive?


   Firstof all, what we are famous for is that we produce interchangeable core mold,which needs not only precision work but also flexible team work to adjust towhat our clients really want. Also, all of our steel is from Japan and Germanyand all processing steps are carried in Taiwan under the supervision of ourprofessional engineers. We appreciate that all of our customers emphasized onquality and efficiency and that’s why our company wants provide too.


To know us more pleasecontact us with your ideas / projects / drawings, so that we can start ourstudying / engineering job…


To know us more,please visit 


http://www.taiwanmoldmaker.com; http://www.intertech.net.tw


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Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Sets