Plastics injection industrial moulds factory

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With more than 30 years plastics mold making and injection industrial design molding experience,

for parts design,Intertech can….

1.Provide our best knowhow and experience consultancy service

2.To help our customers to check their parts industrial design to be executed or not in practical production condition,

3.Trouble shooting precisely for their industrial design bugs

4.And give them our best R & D suggestion and analyze.


For mold design, ….

1.The software we use includes Pro-Engineer, I-Deas, Cimetron, Auto-Cad & Solidworks.

2.Cutomer can send 2D, 3D, by .igs .stp, formats to us.

3.We can provide mold flow analysis service.

4.Mold design (with the best optimized mold water channel arrangement design and the best cycle time performance consideration design)


In addition, CNC milled prototype, 3D printing prototype, prototype mold making service, fixture / jig making or welding horn design and making are available in Intertech with good experience !


We need 2D, 3D parts to start our industrial design job, we can sign NDA (if needed)



Welcome contact us now : &

Intertech Machinery Inc.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-an Rd., Hsin-Chung City, 242, Taipei County, Taiwan.

Tel: 886.2.2833.4646 Fax: 886.2.2833.4700



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